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Rules of Survival – VNG Empty Rules of Survival – VNG

on Fri Aug 24, 2018 11:46 am
Name: Rules of Survival – VNG
Version: 1.186372.190230
Root: No

Mod V1:
– Aim Lock

Mod V2:
– Aim Lock
– Fast Parachute
– No Recoil
– Radar 3000m+
– Edit Weather
– Add Ammo (Need Root)
– Long Fire Range – Bắn xa
– Dead bullet fix
– Quick Shoot
– Anti-Ban 90%
NOTE: When you see the AIM NOT MOVING means it is watching that guy ^^ just press and shoot

Mod V3:
– Super AimLock + Aimbot
– Edit Weather
– Radar 3000m+
– No Recoil
– Fast Parachute
– Giảm căng khi bắn
– Long Fire
– Fix can’t use bullet
– Remive some cheat
– Anti Ban 90%

Mod V4:
- Super Aimbot + Aimbot
- Increased FOV
- NO recoil
- MORE DURING NOS - More gasoline to NOS more
- LESS HEALTH DOWN DURING POISON ZONE when used drink [but buggy means not supporting all devices |
- Accelerated healing when using the drink or bloody use it (not support some machines)

Install Steps:
Mod V1-2:
1. Download Apk - Obb and Install
2. In game update data and then exit out
3. Download file assets.npk
4. Put "assets.npk" in Android/Data /com.netease.chiji /files/netease/h45na/Documents /PASTE HERE
6. Enjoy

Mod V3 - 4:
1. Download Apk - Obb and Install
2. In game update data and then exit out
3. Download 2 file assets [Document].npk and assets [h45na].npk
4. Put "assets [Document].npk" in Android/Data /com.netease.chiji /files/netease/h45na/Documents /PASTE HERE and to delete the word [Document] [just keep assets.npk]
5. Put "assets [h45na].npk" in Android / Data / com.netease.chiji / files / netease / h45na /PASTE HERE and to delete the word [h45na] [just keep assets.npk]
6. Enjoy

Credits: ?
Playstore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netease.chiji

Download Apk: https://upload4earn.org/6cwsxhyurf8w
Download Obb: https://upload4earn.org/zmkp5gsbt1fo
Download assets.npk V1 : https://upload4earn.org/5iu5t6fc1uu5
Download assets.npk V2: https://upload4earn.org/w5mndy0agbt4
Download assetsDOCUMENTS.npk V3: https://upload4earn.org/2tqa6ht835mo
Download assetsH45NA.npk V3: https://upload4earn.org/v6lch80qkpl0
Download assetsDOCUMENTS.npk V4: https://upload4earn.org/cydok5hd4pc4
Download assetsH45NA.npk V4: https://upload4earn.org/nfw6tlbxl6d4
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